Impaled - Choice Cuts (DeathVomit Records) - Back
Impaled is fast becoming well known in the death metal scene, and for relevant reasons. These death metallers known how to write songs. They seem similar to a cross between Carcass, Dying Fetus and Monstrosity, that's definitely saying something about the band. This is an album that is pretty much a compilation of their music. There are songs that are covers, demo's, unreleased and others. So, you can see why that this might not be considered as a real album in some people's eyes. My favorite songs on this CD are "Until Death...," "Carneous Cacoffiny (Carcass Cover)," "Flesh & Blood (Demo Version)," "With Shit I'm Adorned (Unreleased Version 98)," and "With Shit I'm Adorned." "Choice Cuts," has thirteen tracks that last for over fifty-two minutes. There really isn't much more to talk about this album. It's a good death metal album, that most metalheads would enjoy. So check it out, and get IMPALED!

Rating: 80