Impaled - Death After Life (Century Media) - Back
“Death After Life” is the latest concept album from death/grind band Impaled. It’s the bands third full-length album, but first on Century Media, and they continue with their gore-driven metal onslaught. When you are done listening to this CD, you will be picking up your brain matter off the wall...this disc will make your mind explode! Brutal, extreme, intense death metal with grind tinges encompasses this disc for twelve horrifying tracks and over forty-two minutes of ear-deafening and gut-churning mayhem. Blistering guitars and relentless drums blast their way through your skull as you listen. The track “Preservation of Death” sounds like Carcass, throughout the main part of the song, with their own obvious musical elements. You could say that Impaled is the modern day Carcass. It’s partially the vocals and part due to the composition. Parts of the vocals are similar to Jeff Walker of Carcass, it’s frightening how close it is sometimes. There are a number of admirable tracks including the previously mentioned, as well as “Mondo Medicale,” “Ressurectionist,” “Critical Condition,” and “Dead Alive.” There are tons of excellent riffs in all these songs. One other note, Trey Spruance, who’s mostly know for his work in Mr. Bungle, made a guest appearance to create the revolting noises. Death metal fans should easily appreciate “Death After Life.” Now, take your bludgeoning with pride!

Rating: 83