Impaler - One Nation Under Ground (Root Of All Evil) - Back
Yey, Impaler is back with yet another CD. Obviously that was really sarcastic. This band keeps putting out records, but I can't think of anyone that has bought any of their records. They are a shock rock band, and they have been doing that since 1984. You would think that over their 16 years that they would get a good deal better, but this is Impaler. Well actually this CD is probably their best one ever, which isn't saying much, but finally they aren't complete waste of time. This CD doesn't piss me off as much as the other ones. The lyrics are still just as crazy, but the music is better. I really don't have a favorite track, I don't know how you could since all their songs sound the same, but it does give you something to think about. They have fifteen tracks on this CD, and they actually reached forty-one minutes on this CD, and when eleven of the fifteen tracks don't even reach three minutes that pretty amazing. If you are an Impaler fan, then I'm sure you are going to like this CD. Like I said earlier "One Nation Under Ground" doesn't piss me off like their other CDs. It's weird that usually all I can give these guys credit for is the production, because that's generally good. But with this CD, they actually have a few good riffs, and they kinda make me wonder what they may write next.

Rating: 59