Impaler - Rise Of The Mutants & If We Had Brains We'd Be Dangerous (Root Of All Evil) - Back
Shock rock, is definitely one of the craziest forms of hard rock that there is today. Impaler definitely fits this description, from their start to the present, they are definitely shock rock band. Impaler does it probably better then any other band that is in that genre. Now if you like shock rock that is one thing. But, personally, I do not care for it that much. It doesn't get me energized as most hard rock or metal does, it just leaves me brain dead. If you like old eighties style hard rock, then you would like this CD. But if you consider it to cheesy for your taste, as I do, you will not like it. There are 18 tracks on this CD to give you that dose of craziness from eighties that you shock rock fans enjoy. Impaler loves what they do so I do not think they will go away anytime soon, even though they don't impress anyone I know.

Rating: 42