Impending Doom - Apocalypse III - The Manifested Purgatorium (Cudgel Agency) - Back
The classic sound of death metal with the unholy cries of black metal, combined together to form Impending Doom's third full length CD entitled "Apocalypse III - The Manifested Purgatorium." While listening to this disk it reminded me of the sound of the early days of both black and death metal, classic in everyone form. A very good mix of the two genres. The nine tracks take you through the minds of the German band for over thirty-four minutes. My favorite tracks include "Burn The House Of God," "Revocation Of Creation," "Atone For Your Mistake," "Frozen Empire," and "Where Sinners Bleed." Throughout the CD the riffs an the cries tell you why Impending Doom isn't your typical black and death metal band. Some of the riffing could make the mosh pits start in the middle of the Vatican. This CD should show you that this band has dimension and hopefully a promising future.

Rating: 84