In Aeternum - Past and Present Sins (Necropolis Records) - Back
Hailing from Sweden, In Aeternum has been brutalizing audiences since 1992. In the time from their creation, the band has collected a large amount of unreleased and rare songs. This disk, "Past and Present Sins" is a collaboration of these tracks. While listening to the CD you can tell how the band has progressed. They have definitely developed into a more extreme band in the black and death metal genre. The first eight songs are the aforementioned unreleased and rare tracks dating all the way back to 1995. Tracks nine and ten are covers of Venom's "Countless Bathory" and King Diamond's "Abigail," respectively. "Past and Present Sins" ends with four live tracks, that were recorded at the Essen during the "Plague Across Europe Tour 2001." Overall the disk is pretty good, it shows what the band came from and where they are going, and it even shows you how the band is live. My favorite tracks on this fourteen track, sixty-six minute CD are "Demon Possession," "Witches Spell," "Pale Moon Attraction," and the live version of "Wolves Blood." This disk should tide over fans of In Aeternum for a little while, at least long enough until they release their next full-length.

Rating: 74