In Aeternum - The Pestilent Plague (Necropolis Records) - Back
In Aeternum is a Swedish death metal band, that always dishes out a soul-destroying punishment. Since blasting on the metal scene in 1992, this trio have put out a couple demos, a MCD, and their last album "Forever Blasphemy." "The Pestilent Plague" is the latest opus by these metal mongers, and it is also their best effort. This CD was recorded at Abyss Studios, home of the Tagtgren brothers for a great production quality. In Aeternum was also lucky enough to have Kristian "Necrolord" Wahlin to do the cover art of this CD. "Necrolord" has done previous work for such bands as Mercyful Fate, Emperor and At The Gates. "The Pestilent Plague" has definitely put a lasting impression on me. Everytime I listen to it, I like more and more. Every song on this CD has a big presence on this CD, all of the songs are well written. I see myself changing my favorite songs everytime I listen to it. But three tracks that have stay constant as my favorites since the very first time I listened to this CD are "Torture Chamber," "Demon Possession," and "Wolves Blood." Their sound is of a blackend death metal, but mainly death. Bands that come to mind that remind me of them are Amon Amarth and Angelcorpse. That should give you a good understanding what these guys have in store, a definite blasphemous time.

Rating: 80