Inbreed - Bastards Forest (Independent) - Back
Do you like the old days of Metallica? Well this doesn't go quite that far back, but Inbreed does sound like the days of "...And Justice For All." This music reminds me so much that era of Metallica that it's scary. Basically the only thing that differs is the vocals. The vocals aren't that good, they are kind of annoying. But if these guys that could someone to sing like James Hetfield, then they would definitely get some peoples attention. Inbreed have some really cool riffs on this album. Especially on the title track "Bastards Forest" and on the last track "Witch Hunt (they cast you out)." "Witch Hunt (they cast you out)" is the longest song, nearly nine minutes, but its also my favorite. If this band could get some studio help, some direction, and someone else to sing, they could pick up where Metallica left off. There seven song CD last for thirty-four minutes, and musically its pretty good. They aren't afraid to use acoustic guitars, and they aren't afraid to shred. Until this band gets some help it remains to be seen what they can do. With a little production help, they maybe surprised where they might end up.

Rating: 57