Incantation – Blasphemy (Necropolis Records) - Back
Death metal legend Incantation continues their wrath on the music industry with their latest effort “Blasphemy.” This is the bands first album on Necropolis after 42,000 sales on Relapse. Incantation has been on the death scene since 1990 and is one of the most well known in the genre. They have been writing songs for years on blasphemy, and it doesn’t stop here. “Blasphemy” is a solid album but it isn’t anything special. It’s typical Incantation. Speed and harmonics exemplify their music, just as all their other albums. All their songs have a similar style, but a few stood out. The title track “Blasphemy,” “Rotting With Your Christ,” and especially “The Fallen” would be great songs to sandblast the face of your favorite child-raping priest. If you have been a fan of Incantation, I’m sure you will be pleased with this album. Over twelve years of sacrilegious music, and there is no end in site!

Rating: 70