Incinerator - Thrash Attack (Sound Riot Records) - Back
I had no idea what Incinerator was all about before I listened to their CD "Thrash Attack," and I still don't know. But I do know though, is that these guys aren't anything special. Just like any other speed metal or thrash band the music is fast, but they aren't doing anything else to be different to the other bands. But their music sounds like Slayer a few times, and other times it basically sounds just like any other 80's metal band. Their vocalist sound is different then every band, but sometimes he seems a little annoying while he tries to sound like King Diamond. Other wise this CD is just your average 80's thrash band. If you like 80's thrash you might want to look into this CD, it resembles it well. There weren't any songs that I thought stood out, but there are some really cool riffs in the 3rd song "The Collapse" and that probably would be my favorite song. Besides that I'm just gonna sit on this band, I don't know what to expect from them next.

Rating: 67