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Picking out what Index Case sounds like on their self-titled debut is kind of difficult. Bands like the Deftones, Linkin’ Park, Anathema, Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Chevelle all come to mind in one way or another. But they really don’t sound like any of those bands, just elements will remind you of them. They do switch from calm tones to an aggressive ones like the Deftones, get grooves going like Anathema, and songs have a similar feel to Tool and A Perfect Circle. In whatever way you put it; they know how to write appealing tracks…you may find yourself enveloped in a trance. I guess I can say that I’m not disappointed in any of their songs, just about everything is appealing in one way or another. This band from Des Moines, Iowa has their first single on this CD with their song “Deserver” and it’s to be their first video as well. Also, the first track on this disc, “Listen”, was on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack and Ultimate Fighting. They can thank Soil’s bassist Tim King for signing the band to Mortal Music and getting them exposure like that. As well as having James “Jimbo” Barton (Matchbox 20, Eric Clapton, Rush) to do the album production for this disc. Even if you don’t listen to those types of bands, judging by the caliper of them, you can tell there are no production problems. Looking forward for more from this band in the future.

Rating: 84