Indigent - Demo (Independent) - Back
England is the home of Richard Tomsett who created the solo death project Indigent. It’s not your typical death metal that you are used to. This is death metal in the style of its own, with a mix of sounds from Death, Cynic, Carcass and Sadus. Now with that said, picture that combination with a little grind and black metal mixed in along with his unique sound. The distinctiveness comes from the experimentation and it can be found all throughout this disc. Each song has a slightly different approach or feel, showing the dynamics of the band. But it could be a little too much…if that’s possible. I felt myself at times waiting for something to kick in. Various parts show the technicality of this band, but other parts are on the brink of boredom. Vocally the band uses traditional death style that reminds me a little of Oppressor. The five songs are almost twenty-five minutes, and the highlights include the tracks “Disgust,” “Poison,” and “Mirror.” This demo is at least decent, but I’m really not sure what I think. I’d like to hear more to make a definite opinion on Indigent.

Rating: 71