Infernaeon - A Symphony Of Suffering (Prosthetic Records) - Back
Debut albums today have a tendency to be somewhat of a letdown because of either being just plain not good or because of being so similar to another bands sound that it gets the dreaded quote “It’s been done before.” Infernaeon’s debut “A Symphony Of Suffering” is neither a letdown nor unoriginal.

Combining Florida death metal with European symphonic black metal these metalheads have created a fresh sound that is powerful and lively. The band was founded only a couple years ago in 2005, signed to Prosthetic Records in early 2007. Infernaeon features former members of Monstrosity Brian Werner and Sam Molina. These two experts in the darker metal genres will assure you of a quality release.

Starting off “A Symphony Of Suffering” is a melodic, atmospheric intro which sets the mood for what’s about to come… shredding guitars and relentless percussion! This creation is heavy, brutal, pounding, and intense but also can be symphonic, atmospheric, and even melodic. There is no doubt that Infernaeon has contrast and dynamics that will keep you engrossed in their music. In addition to that, they have guest appearances from Ben Falgoust of Soilent Green and Goatwhore and Kieth DeVito of Obituary, Suffocation, and Catastrophic. Not to mention it was mastered by Eric Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel). What else could you want? Well maybe another couple tracks would be nice. “A Symphony Of Suffering” has a total of six tracks and a modest thirty-one minutes, though the 5 main tracks are in the 5 to 6:30 minute range.

Not much else to say except this is a well-rounded, solid effort.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins