In Flames - Lunar Strain (Candlelight) - Back
In Flames’ “Lunar Strain” was originally released in 1994. Now in 2005, Candlelight Records have now re-released this staple of Swedish death. There are a few added tracks to the original track list. Three demo tracks and an un-released acoustic piece, which I believe was on their 1993 demo. For this re-release they had the disc remastered, and they did a good job too. This CD shows what In Flames sounded like, well before their modern day progression. The original release of the song “Behind Space” is on this disc, you might know “Behind Space ‘99” off of “Colony.” You can still hear the rawness and the extremity of their original sound; they almost have a black metal influenced sound at times. Partially because of the vocals and the guitars. But obviously, their Swedish Death elements are all over this disc, just like At The Gates. These early recordings will make your bottom jaw drop, especially if you are an In Flames fan and never could find the original recording.

Rating: 90