In Flames - Subterranean (Candlelight) - Back
In 1995, “Subterranean” was released and the world started to awaken to a band named In Flames. “Subterranean” was initially a MCD, you can still consider it that, but with the four extra tracks, its more of an album now. The Swedish death sound they became famous for started to develop on this recording. With this new version of the disc, the recording was totally remastered with extras. Bonus material on this CD includes a couple tracks featuring Jocke Gothberg (Marduk, Dimension Zero) along with a couple covers. These covers should be somewhat familiar to you…”Murders In The Rue Morgue” originally done by Iron Maiden and “Eye Of The Beholder” by Metallica. The Metallica cover is a little better than mediocre, but the cover of “Murders In The Rue Morgue” is pretty good. At least they don’t try to make an exact copy and they use death metal vox, compared to the Metallica cover. “Subterranean” is a must have for any In Flames fan that doesn’t have the original recording in their collection. Even if you do, the sound quality is much better on this disc, so you may want to buy this anyhow.

Rating: 89