In Flames - Clayman (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
A follow-up release from "Colony" and well I esteem this release over their predecessor. Even though it has a more "Happy" tone to each track I still think that the riffs are awesome. I would still consider it to be Melodic Death Metal.

There's a mix of vocals on here clean and high-end screams that Anders displays here. It suits the music quite well. The guitar pieces are way melodic/"happy" but that doesn't take away from the greatness of a release that this is. There's actually a guest solo by Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy) on "Suburban Me".

The clean guitar parts are pretty sweet they tune way down on some songs even to I think A-tuning! I like the variety that this album has to offer. It just isn't straight Melodic Death the songwriting is quite diverse. If you listen to any track on here you'll hear what I mean (check out "Bullet Ride") for a sample.

For many they were turned off by this release because it isn't the heaviest In Flames to date but for me I think it's a great release. Not only is the production better than "Colony" but the mix of all instruments/vocals dominates thanks to Charlie Storm (programming and synth) and Fredrik Nordstrom (additional programming and synth) who was also the producer.

This was recorded at the infamous Studio Fredman where many Melodic Death acts record. Some individuals would give this release a negative rating because of the "happiness" to it but I esteem it quite highly! I still think "Whoracle" and "The Jester Race" are their best albums but "Clayman" is third on that list!

Like I said check out some tracks first to get the aura of the album check out "Brush The Dust Away" and "Pinball Map".


Reviewed By: Death8699 -