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"Whoracle" to me is the best In Flames release. It is considered to be a "Concept Album" "which describes the past, present, and a hypothetical future of the planet Earth" ( There isn't really a track on here that I dislike though I think the production could've been a bit better than what it came out sounding as. That is one of the only real "beef" I had about it besides the drum efforts.

The lyrics to this release are highly esoteric and intellectual then of course they cover Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts" which has a killer use of the wah-pedal played by one of the guitarists. "Whoracle" is an astounding portrayal of Melodic Death Metal played to perfection. This album was extremely well thought out very much like the melodies in "The Jester Race" which was their previous release in which I am dubbing as their second best album.

As far as the vocals are concerned they are primarily high-end screams to these awesome lyrics with some variation but not much. The rhythm and lead guitar is impeccable well worthy of praise. I especially enjoyed all of the leads/melodies which fit precisely into the rest of the band in synchrony and to me virtually flawless. I can't stress that enough because the guitars had me captivated. I'd say the least effective parts on "Whoracle" are the drums. Though well in synchrony also there isn't anything spectacular about the drums on this release. I think that if they had a solid drummer here it would've been even more to my liking of "Whoracle".

Tracks that I would advocate downloading if you've never heard this release are: "Jotun", "Gyroscope" and "Episode 666". These in my opinion are the best tracks even though I view all of them to be phenomenal. This album remains to be one of my favorite Melodic Death Metal releases ever. Check out those tracks and if you're not convinced then I'd suggest you hear the songs more than once. You can download some of these tracks here: Just scroll down and you'll see "Whoracle" on my Playlist.


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