Innerwish - Silent Faces (Limb Music Productions) - Back
Greece is the home of the mighty Innerwish. “Silent Faces” is the band’s latest effort and it shows the bands progression from their previous album. Everything has been taken another step up, if not a couple steps forward. Innerwish reminds me a little of Riot Queensryche and Jag Panzer. The musicianship pretty tight and they aren’t afraid to do solos. They even use keyboards. And when they do use them, they don’t over do it. The vocals fit with the music perfectly. Many metal bands that try to do what these guys do and fail when they get a singer that can’t carry a tune. Innerwish doesn’t have a Bruce Dickinson, but Babis can definitely hold his own. The band can be best explained as very well written melodic power metal with catchy riffs that get you right into the songs; some parts even seem thrashy. There were a handful of tracks that grabbed my attention and they include “Dancer Of The Storm,” “If I Could Turn Back Time,” “Silent Faces,” and “Realms Of Tomorrow.” “Silent Faces” will definitely get the attention of some power metal fans, if you are one, check these guys out.

Rating: 79