Insense - Soothing Torture (Candlelight Records) - Back
Well right from the start I noticed that Insense already had something going for them…they don’t sound like every other metalcore band! They have a more unique style like a Lamb of God. It sounds like they have combined sounds from bands like Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan, Killswitch Engage, Helmet, Pantera and Fear Factory together to compose their latest, “Soothing Torture.” These tunes use simplistic riffs with repetition combined with a Meshuggah-like technicality. Which to me shows some highlights but most of it is just a loud mangled mass. You can assume that’s what they were trying for since they have off-timed and chaotic riffs. In other words, there are times on this thirty-six minutes disc where you will be headbanging along and others where you just try to follow the beat. “Soothing Torture “ is ten tracks with their own attitude. I can see Meshuggah fans getting into most of this effort. But think of the more experimental site of them or you won’t get it. You might be able to catch them on your television. The track, “I, Deviant” has a video completed for it already. You will have to keep and eye out for it on your local music video channel, well at least if you have a channel that has any balls. This didn’t blow me out of the water, but this isn’t a dud either...


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins