Insomnium - Above The Weeping World (Candlelight Records) - Back
“Above The Weeping World” is a triumphant follow-up to “Since The Day It All Came Down!” Insomnium’s third opus relinquishes an even more punishing sound that delivers a stronger reminiscence to early Dark Tranquility with more crunch. The guitar melodies on this album are prosperous and majestic, like trumpets welcoming home a triumphant warrior. Just an embellishment, but perhaps, my point is made. One of the things that Insomnium have continued to do is they have managed to secure an original progression. The listener can quite clearly hear hints of Dark Tranquility, Opeth, old-In Flames, and even a melancholic doom-laden sound. Lots of fast parts, lots of catchiness, lots of melody and some memorable breaks / choruses! The drumming is nothing short of their previous efforts and the bass is every bit of groove, melody and progressive. No clean vocals in their repertoire just yet (aside from spoken verse every blue moon). That wouldn't spell terrible anyways, but it just means there is still a strong death metal backbone to the band alongside their appealing formula. There are 9 tracks and 52 minutes playtime. They also managed to record a video for the track "Mortal Share." Some of the albums highlights are "At the Gates of Sleep" and "Devoid of Caring." I suppose you could pin-point others as well as the whole album is a mighty strong dose of great! Don't go to sleep... you have some Insomnium to hear.....


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell