Intervalle Bizzare - 2000 (Independent) - Back
Hailing from the Czech. Republic, Intervalle Bizzare has released a four song promo entitled "2000." Self described as a savagely twisted, brutal death metal frenzy, these guys definitely get any and all sounds out of their instruments. Elements of grind, death, and pretty much anything fast and furious can be found in their music. Comparing bands to them is tough, but if you mixed around Incantation, Dying Fetus and maybe even a little of Brutal Truth, you might get close. The four tracks are relentless on their onslaught of brutal, fast and just plain crazy metal. Some people I'm sure would be really into this band. Myself I see Intervalle Bizzare as good metal, but nothing exceptional. The sounds they beat into peoples heads are probably similar to the bands that Necropolis and Relapse records are signing now. I think that this band could get signed to one of those labels just as easy as any of the bands that have signed within the last year. The four songs last for just over thirteen minutes, so its not the length of the songs that is impressive, it's the onslaught. I have two tracks that I thought were good, and that includes "Blood Psalm" and a Terrorizer cover of "After World Obliteration." Intervalle Bizzare might not be a band that rises above others, but they definitely can make their presence felt.

Rating: 78