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Introducing... a very prestigious & original Italian ensemble known as In Tormentata Quiete. 8 members make up this collage of gothic/black metal musicianship with their debut self-titled effort. The only real comparisons I can think of is Cradle Of Filth, but with much more experimentation and gothic magnitude. All of their lyrics are in Italian, but I believe they are written in a folklore sense. This particular composition consists of 9 tracks and around 45 minutes of excellent black metal grandeur. There is a lot of female vocals used alongside the otherwise strong black metal accent, but there is a variety of choirs & other vocal styles making this a completely melodic work of art. The fourth track, Chiaroscuro, is probably the best example for my description. It is very melodic with many vocal styles, very atmospheric, nice melodic riffs & solos, tight fusion of bass-chords, and tremendously utilized drumwork. There is a lot of acoustic instrumentation as well, on top of the already sophisticated and somewhat progressive sound. Tell ya what, this is a great beginning for any metal band. In Tormentata Quiete are for real! Superb gothic black metal!

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell