Intronaut - Null (Goodfellow Records) - Back
Intronaut was originally a side project for guitarist Sacha Dunable (Anubis Rising) and drummer Danny Walker (Exhumed, Uphill Battle). Guitarist Leon del Muerte (Exhumed, Impaled) joined the band shortly after the formation. And Joe Lester’s musical experience fit in perfectly for this band on bass. They have a unique blend of metallic and other traits, and they range over quite a spectrum. Even acoustic parts seem fresh sounding. My first impression was if Opeth or Cynic was a hardcore band, this is what they would sound like. Which isn’t to bad of a claim. Jazz influenced metallic hardcore would be a pretty good explanation. But their extreme sounds can be somewhat like Goatwhore, Neurosis, or Mastodon but with many layers of music. Five tracks, only however four tunes, each lasting at least six minutes. The whole disc is over twenty-eight minutes. It’s quite a journey; I think people that are into the more experimental side of heavy music would enjoy all aspects of this CD. I’m finding myself enjoying this more and more every time I listen to it.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins