Iommi - Fused (Sanctuary) - Back
Metal legend, Tony Iommi, needs no introduction, but his new album does! His latest disc “Fused” is basically what you would expect. Joining Iommi on this recently release CD is Glenn Hughes, which most people know from his previous endeavors. Hughes does the bass & vocals the same way he is made his name famous. But he did have hints of notes almost like Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Strange? No, I guess not. However, I expected to hear the heavier elements more often. But when they do present themselves, they get your attention…Sabbathy type riffs as well as progressive parts like Dream Theater. The slow heavy riffs are almost like what you would hear in a WWE wrestler’s them song. Hey, Motorhead did the intro/theme song for HHH, so Tony could definitely create a great one for someone else. Vibrant choruses are another great element on “Fused.” Bob Marlette did an excellent job with the production, engineering and mixing of the ten tracks and nearly fifty minutes of first-rate music. Most songs are in the four to five minute range, which really is a perfect length. The last track is over nine minutes long, a great way to end a disc, especially when you don’t want the CD to come to an end.

Rating: 84