Ivory Night - 7-Dawn Of The Night (Independent) - Back
“7-Dawn Of The Night” is fourteen tracks for fifty-seven minutes of power metal done by Ivory Night. Iron Maiden and Helloween have influenced them, and you can tell; even some old Metallica sounds. Powerful vocals, nice melodies, and a perfect amount of heaviness mold this band’s sound. They have a good metal crunch…they didn’t wuss out. There are some great galloping riffs to nod your head to. Ivory Night aren’t a super tight band, but are tight enough. The singing reminds me of Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett when he hits the high notes. But, the reverb on the vocals almost makes them seem distant. Also, there are a few, one minute, instrumental interludes. Not that they are bad, they break up the album, maybe a little too much. And, I’d make the drums levels a little louder; at times they are a little drowned out. There are some really exceptional parts; I wish it were like that all the time. If this was tightened up some and produced on a superior studio, this could be quite good. This disc should open some eyes since this is a debut and its self-produced…Some parts of this would earn a rating in the 90’s, but they are offset by a little incohesion. I’m sure this will improve. You can get this CD for 10 Euros on their website www.ivorynight.de.

Rating: 76