Jack Frost - Gloom Rock Asylum (Serenades) - Back
When I started listening to this CD by Jack Frost, the intro track made me think that this band was like My Dying Bride, then when the first full song started I realized that this band is almost exactly like the Death Rock legends Babylon Whores. As "Gloom Rock Asylum" goes on, this similarity becomes very prevalent. But the songs aren't written as well, and aren't as enjoyable as the Babylon Whores. Basically Jack Frost is a gothic band, that tries to put a little edge to their music. "You Are The Cancer" is probably the best track on this CD. The song "In Gloom" is a decent track, and "Pyschodrome" is another good track. The band does a cover of "California Dreaming," a good cover, but the song seems to slow to enjoy. But I give the band credit because they didn't replicate the songs, they rewrote it so it sounds like their style. This CD has eight tracks that last for nearly thirty-nine minutes, which is a good length since their first track is an intro. Overall this CD is a decent effort and if the band wants to get some recognition they should write their songs more aggressive like the Babylon Whores.

Rating: 74