Jacknife - Moment Of Reckoning (Zero Sum Recordings) - Back
In a day of bands repeating the sound of other bands, its refreshing to hear a band try to do something a little different. On Jacknife’s “Moment of Reckoning” you can see such an attempt. There are a lot of thrash elements on this disc and metalcore as well. I appreciate the thrash influences more because it seems that everyone wants to be in a metalcore band these days. And most metalcore bands today are overrated. Jacknife do have a little of the Swedish death that many metalcore bands use, but they mix with thrashy elements to not become stagnate. The few melodic death riffs are almost first-rate. Those songs generally are written strong, but can get a little repetitive. Their catchy, galloping, heavy riffs are due to influences including Megadeth, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Overkill, and Meshuggah. To me it sounds like a cross between Soilwork, Hatebreed, and their thrash influences. It’s almost to the extent of As I Lay Dying, and All That Remains. Some tracks have really heavy breakdowns that actually blend well with thrashy riffs. Vocally, “Moment of Reckoning” reminds me of Jamey Jasta, that is if Jamey used his voice a little more than a generic, dry, expulsion of gas. Intensity is pretty high throughout the disc. These guys seem to have a little more balls than your typical hardcore or metalcore band. They have the same manager as Damage Plan and Drowning Pool, which could have something to do with it. Jacknife have a few pleasant metal traits, but I think the people into hardcore might like this band from Dallas, Texas a little more.

Rating: 75