James LaBrie - Elements Of Persuasion (InsideOutMusic) - Back
James LaBrie mostly known from his work with Dream Theater has released a solo album named “Elements of Persuasion.” First off, the heaviness kind of surprised me. Not that LaBrie hasn’t been involved in heavy projects, but the heaviness of the riffs on this disc are more than Dream Theater and almost to a death metal heaviness. “Elements of Persuasion” is very reminiscent of Dream Theater…heavier, but less progressive. The album almost seems like an extension of Dream Theater. On the other hand, I didn’t care as much for the calm songs, but I did like this a little better than James LaBrie’s Mullmuzzler project. This CD has a more straightforward metal sound compared to his other work, but still more progressive than any specific type. Various tracks use a DJ or samples, I don’t know if it works all the time with this type of music though. Elements that would seem akin to rap, industrial, and techno samples were used, but not much. Some add to the songs, some do nothing. Other parts are weird just because of them. Several are similar to the way that DT does it. “Freak” and “Invisible” are my favorite tracks. If you like Dream Theater, you will like this album.

Rating: 85