Jarra - Test of Faith (Lion Music) - Back
Over 7 years ago the band Jarra was formed in the New York/New Jersey area. The band is fronted by Kathie Jarra, who plays guitar and sings. Within the last year or so, Jarra, has relocated to Arizona, where they picked up their most recent addition to the band. Jarra's sound is similer to Ozzy's. The guitar sound and riffing style are similar, the vocals are somewhat the same, the main difference is that Kathie Jarra is female. Her voice can sustain as well as most singers. The eighties sound can be heard throughout the disk, which makes sense, since influences come from Judas Priest, Dio, The Scorpions and the main influence of Ronnie James Dio, Kathie Jarra's mentor. Just like their influence one did, Jarra includes some aggressive guitar work, with some good riffs and of course the ballads. This disk has a total of eight tracks and over forty-seven minutes of music. "Test of Faith" had made a good impression on me, and maybe with a little luck, Jarra might get as known as Doro.

Rating: 73