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The year 2000 saw the conception of the band Jaw. You could call them hardcore, thrash, rock, but they are really a collaboration of all three. They remind me a little of Kittie but more reminiscent of the little known band H8 Machine. Parts might even make you call it psychedelic thrashcore especially when different effects are applied to their songs. For the most part the CD is heavy and intense, and the mellow or peaceful riffs are used to show the contrast they can create. It’s of the verge of being very dynamic...vocals included. The scream vocals remind me of Macabre and when mixed with down tuned guitars it creates a violent resonance compared to the Anathema or Radiohead like calm voice and tranquil melodies. When he shouts you could say it has a little of John Tardy in his voice too, but it’s not really death oriented. The four songs on five tracks are over eighteen minutes of mostly nasty, heavy, riffs that make you want to be in a mosh pit. Nothing is bad on this disc, just different, which might take some time to get into.

Rating: 74