Jet Circus - Look At Death Now (Rivel Records/Hypersonic Records) - Back
Here is some leftover 80's hair-metal that'll satisfy all you banshee-wailin' brigands! Jet Circus is basically, Swedens' Ez Gomér (main song-writer / vocalist / bassist), and then an overload of supreme musicians. Such include a guy called Sayit (the main guitarist), Michael Ulvsgard (main drummer), Dan Helgesson, Tommy Denander and more. This project is a bit more up-tempo than most of those 80's bands like Slaughter, Poison or Whitesnake. It's actually more like a cross between Skid Row and Dream Theater, but with some groove-laden 80's attitude. The album itself is dedicated to the life of Ez Gomér. It is simply a persona of musicianship. Some tracks are much heavier like "Shooting Star" (no, not the Kansas version) and "Godless Happiness". Then... there are those easy-listening ballad-types like "The Way You Bless Me" and "Fears of Tomorrow". Overall, this is a great testament to the expansion of metal and hard rock over the last few decades (man... has it actually been that long?) through Ezs' eyes and essentially gifted bass lines. If you're into the 80's sound mixed with progressive, you'll dig Jet Circus!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell