Jezebel - Forbidden Fruit (Triple Silence Limited) - Back
Eileen Daly is a cult horror actress who played a vampire assassin in Razor Blade Smile, a crash victim in Cradle of Fear and more recently a tenant in All About Anna. Now she takes an endeavor into the music seen with Jezebel and the CD “Forbidden Fruit.” Eileen performs the vocals on this darkwave / gothic release. She uses a few main types including an endearing singing voice, spoken word, and a more stern vocal approach. “Forbidden Fruit” uses various techniques throughout the disc to make each song sound unique including classical, rock, jazz, industrial, metal, etc. A dark atmosphere embraces you every so often as well, depending on the song. Branding this creation may prove to be useless, but I kind of see it as a hybrid of Siouxsie And Banshees and Liv Kristine’s solo material. Even a few parts akin to Autumn Tears. Some songs have a leisurely tempo that will relax you and even put you into a trance at time. Everything else is pretty much mid-tempo. Music producer Ralph Cardall helped her in the process of forming this creation. There is a total of eleven tracks, an intro starts off the album and the last ten are songs. Each one has an aspect that I like, so it’s really hard to pick one out of the bunch for me. “Queen Of Darkness” is up there as well as “Plastic Surgery.” “Brute of Cure” was actually used on the soundtrack for the movie All About Anna. If you have an ear for electronic creations with experimentation “Forbidden Fruit” was made for you.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins