Jungle Rot - Darkness Foretold (Crash Music) - Back
Jungle Rot has put out four albums in ten years, now they have signed a new four-year deal with Crash Music. Starting out this metal correlation, they bring back something that should grab their fans by the balls. “Darkness Foretold” was originally released in 1998 by SOD Magazine. This Jungle Rot collection includes covers, live tracks and one “new” song. The title track is the only song that can be considered new, even if this was released years ago. You can also find it on their album “Slaughter of the Weak,” depending on what version of the album. Three cover songs are all from the earlier years of metal, which include Sodom’s “Agent Orange,” Slayer’s “Flight ‘Til Death,” and Carnivore’s “Jesus Hitler.” The final three tunes are the live tracks. “Consumed In Darkness” is off their album “Slaughter The Weak” and “Eternal Agony” and “Tomb of Armenous” are of the disc “Skin The Living”. Everything has their death/thrash metal sound that includes the catchy riffs and sinuous grooves that their fans love. If you have their albums you have heard half this disc already, but being that some are live and there are covers mixed in, it should even make those fan want this album.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins