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Junta is a band with a more unique way of playing music then most hardcore/metal bands. The band seems to be more chaotic then most hardcore bands, like The Dillinger Escape Plan, but more melodic, similar to what God Forbid is currently doing. Being different then the majority gives people something different to listen to. Junta is heavy, chaotic, melodic, intense, groove driven, and much more. It seems as if they have took aspects of every band around, their music is something special. This CD at some parts may seems mixed, or recorded rough, but I think it adds to this disk. Its hard to say what my favorite tracks are on the CD. All the songs have some really strong parts. There might be only four songs on this CD, but it last for over twenty-three minutes. The last song on this disk is an atmospheric journey through the minds of Junta. It's a great way to wind down a disk with the intensity of this release. I do believe they have hit just about every aspect of hardcore and metal bands, well done guys!

Rating: 90