K.A - Close-Up (Independent) - Back
K.A or Kickers Ass is a death/thrash metal trio from France. K.A's second independent release, Close-Up, presents a strong collaboration of elements such as progressive, death, thrash and heavy metal. More importantly, their name speaks for itself. The music is very aggressive with a lot of weird breaks and even some solos. They also appear to have quite a following in the central portions of Europe playing live with bands like Vader and Darkthrone! So is there a bright future? That depends on promotion and whether they can sign a major deal. They would sound a lot more proficient with a slightly better digital mix. If you should get your paws on "Close-Up", as we did, then you will be in for a surprise. K.A will not bore the hell outta you with simple groove-laden riffs, over-technical breaks, or super-soaked keyboards. Nope- there is actually an originally fair mixture of death metal-oriented material. Trends beware! If you're looking for something not too "over-the-top", but not too "grind"... you may dig it!

Rating: 78

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell