Kaamos - Lucifer Rising (Candlelight) - Back
The second offering from Sweden's Kaamos proves to be a much more mature one than it's predecessor. Complimenting an array of catchy breaks and old-school death metal riffs, this four-piece are a newfound underground power! I wouldn't particularly view these guys as a band that throw a whole lot of fresh or new sounds at you, but they really know how to make proficiently aggressive ones. Kaamos do utilize a consistency of mid-paced riffs (some melodic, but mostly an "evil" feel... like the older bands) and a leveled amount of blasts & double-kicks. If anything, they remind me of a couple of bands known to us as Grave and Incantation. A purely uncanny resemblance to these bands is evident on both "Dark Void" and "Mysterious Reversion". "Lucifer Rising" consists of over 35 minutes and 10 tracks of pure guttural death gnawing brutality nonetheless. If what you seek is in the form of true blasphemic music, look no further!

Rating: 82

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell