Kadath – Chasing The Devil (Cudgel Agency) - Back
The German brutal death ensemble Kadath started their intense symphony back in 1992. Ten years later, their release of their second studio album “Chasing The Devil” show they can rip shit up even though they don’t have masses of material. Their resonance is similar to Skinless with a little Dying Fetus to create a sounds like a locomotive chugging from hell. The songs are full of energy and it makes you want to break shit. Thirty-three minutes of gut-wrenching death metal on seven formidable tracks will loosen your bowels. “The Devil of Rostov”is the best song in my opinion, and “The Investigation” and “Stalking The Prey”are close behind. I would like to see this band come out with another album soon, the brutality and intensity keep you engrossed. There are also four multimedia live videos on the CD for your computer, so you can check out what the band is like live.

Rating: 80