Kaizen - Leadersheep (Independent) - Back
Kaizen has some of the most well respected bands in metal as influences for their music. These include Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad and Napalm Death. When listening to this three song MCD you will definitely notice all of these influences. Kaizens music is definitely heavy, brutal and aggressive like the aforementioned bands. Its seems they like using little comical sound samples in their music too, which always adds another aspect to their music. I enjoyed all three songs on this CD. "Leadersheep," "Inner Force Control," and "Neuronic Compressor" all have awesome riffs that could rearrange your face in a mosh pit. The three songs last for less then eleven minutes, I just wish there was more on this CD. When you really get into this CD it ends on you, leaving you longing for more brutality. I can not wait to hear more music from this band. In January this year Kaizen was to record their first album, hopefully everything continued on with a similar style from this three songs MCD. Its definitely a strong way to go.

Rating: 86