Kamelot - Ghost Opera (SPV) - Back
It has been a dozen years since Kamelot released their debut album “Eternity” and over fifteen years since the band’s inception. They have more than established themselves in the progressive power metal world, and “Ghost Opera” continues to add to their already impressive repertoire. Kamelot new disc is symphonic, atmospheric and rhythmic, all traits that have become a welcomed treat for their fans. The melodic and galloping riffs seize your attention while keys encompass you and the persuading singing vocals convey the story. This band really knows how to set a tone with atmosphere, a lot in part of the keys, use of multiple guest musicians, and exotic instruments (maybe horns and violins). Occasional usage of angelic female vocals accompanied with passionate solos adds even more to the enjoyment. These well put-together tracks use first-class writing and assembly of musical layers to create full sounding songs. Some of which make time fly by, and this album very entertaining. Other parts of this CD just rock out. The choruses are awesome in the tracks “Blücher” and “Silence of the Darkness,” two of my favorites. The limited edition version of the album comes with a bonus track “The Pendulous Fall” and a bonus DVD with the video for the title track, and the making of the video. “Ghost Opera” was recorded and mixed at Gate Studios and Pathway Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany with Sascha Paeth and Miro. Those not familiar with their work, they have worked with the bands Angra, Edguy, and Rhapsody to just name a few. Kamelot has been touring all over Europe and this fall North America will have a chance to see these metal artists on stage, so don’t miss them!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins