Katagory V - A New Breed Of Rebellion (MetalAges Records) - Back
“A New Breed Of Rebellion” was released in 2004 on Metal Ages Records. Katagory V has created an album with a heavy and melodic power metal sound. It’s kind of hard to think of who they sound like, but it’s probably a cross between Fates Warning, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater. The riffs can be Maidenesque with some progressive influences a la Dream Theater. Almost as if Maiden was playing on old Metallica guitars, but this isn’t quite as good. They know how to play many elements of power metal; it’s just not in a flowing manner at all times. The slower paced sound could be a culprit too. If they reorganized the parts, or change a few riffs it would have better dynamics and better overall resonance. A little tweaking with the board might help to…the bass is a little loud a times and the drums seem a little distant. A few track highlights include “No Respect” and “One Last Time.” Katagory V is really an average ensemble, but do have a promising sound. This is not a bad CD, but nothing makes it better than average either.

Rating: 69