Kataklysm - Shadows And Dust (Nuclear Blast) - Back
This is Kataklysm's sixth release and it packs an awesome punch. Many different tempos and a combination of deep-throat vocals mixed with some raspy vox with it. Ten tracks and over 40 minutes of catchy Death Metal. These guys did a great job on every track.

The songs aren't overly technical in structure although some carry with it hyperblasts. I cared less for the lead guitar parts than the rhythms. That's my only caveat about this release. There wasn't many leads but the existing ones weren't well thought out. Again that's the only complaint that I carry with "Shadows And Dust".

I really think that this 2002 release is pretty unique. The reason mainly is because it has a lot of variety to it. This is what's lacking in a lot of newer Death Metal releases. Not every new release but in my opinion a lot of recent albums are lacking innovation.


Reviewed By: Death8699 - http://www.death8699.com/