Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance (Peaceville Records) - Back
Seemingly & honestly, Katatonia release one gem right after another. Whence... they now have quite the musical catalogue! The Great Cold Distance boasts of 12 tracks with just over 50 minutes of playing time. Their endeavors with this release are a bit heavier and a little more upbeat, but taking nothing away with the progression they have chosen from the last 2 or 3 releases. Katatonia have basically, just become a lot better. Starting with the vocals, Jonas has matured into one of the best metal and rock vocalists the world has to offer. He has a distinct voice, but also remains similar to Maynard James Keenan and Robert Smith. Let's talk about the guitar work. Anders and Fredrik have a closer association with the older-Katatonia mixture of acoustic / electric again on this release and they have a much tighter grasp on effects dynamics. Mattias has a HUGE role on this release, as the bass is more in the front of the mix and he is quite an amazing bassist to begin with! As for the drums... well, they suck! Just kidding. Daniel is quite possibly one of the top 5 best drummers in the metal genre. He has shown some patience (on the slower parts of the album) and also has utilized his not-so-unusual combo attacks and great fills. The album, in general, gives the listener an uneasy but also a relaxing sense at the same time. My favorite tracks are July, Increase, and My Twin. The overall best tracks are the entire album! This 2006 performance is absolutely essential for all walks of life... and death!!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell