Keeper Of Darkness - Demo 2005 (Independent) - Back
At first this disc sounded amateurish to me, and I really didn’t know what to think of the band besides that they needed some help. Keeper of Darkness has only been together for a handful of years, and this demo is their first serious recording, which probably explains why this is unpolished. But this band does have somewhat of a creative writing ability. Particularly, the few respectable thrashy parts and riffs, reminiscent of Bay Area thrash bands Megadeth, Testament, and Metallica. They are probably the best part of the five songs nearly thirty minutes. Even though there are some good parts, there is still a lot of confusing components too. A few are kind of sloppy sounding and the vocals need some improvement. Singing parts can get annoying after a while; they are just too substandard. But, as most demos, the main problem with this CD is the production. Plain and simple, the production needs improvement. It’s hard to get into the demo because of the production. If it was improved this disc could be so much better. I guess overall this isn’t too bad for a demo, but they need a little bit of improvement all around the edges, and some production help, then they might be able to create an overall pleasing record.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins