Kernel - Escape or Kill (Independent) - Back
Performing straight-up thrash is an Italian 5-piece known as Kernel. Does that have any correlation to Orville Redenbacher? Escape or Kill is the title of this 6-track demo. There is a sound here that is purely simple, but without any "simpleton" clichés. It's music that's just there, but without or with little compromise. The vocalist sounds like he is shooting for Max Cavalera or Lemmy... I can't quite tell. The drumming is thrash-to-the-bone in utilizing every breakdown heard in most of Lars Ulrich’s techniques. To be perfectly honest, I'm not that impressed with this. It may help a bit if it had either a better production or just more guitar overdubs. More complexity is needed if Kernel is to go anywhere. It just sounds way too plain at the moment. Give your next recording to Giuseppe Orlando and it'll be genuine!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell