Khold - Krek (Tabu Recordings/Candlelight Records) - Back
Here, we shall embrace the 4th coming from one of the new gods of Norwegian black metal, Khold! “Krek” is a cataclysmic drone of psychotic passages with superb, yet reasonably simplistic song structures. This is in the "raw / occvlt"-vein, but not in the production (very clean). The only true comparison I could possibly bring to the table would be Satyricon, but with shorter excerpts. The groove of their 10 newest tracks are very similar to their last album (Mørke Gravers Kammer), but the writings are darker and the music is mostly mid-paced with some occasional sped-up parts. I didn't recognize any solos, but solos are not what make black metal- black metal. Black metal is and always will be about uncompromised art.... whence. All of the tracks seem to stand out and make an impression, meaning- get into the damn moshing groove! “Krek” is black metal to the bone, just as rock is to roll. Khold will turn you into a bobble-head!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell