Kilfast - Tragedy Essential (The Epoxy and Duct Tape Solution) - Back
Kilfast first struck me as the typical metalcore band (i.e. Killswitch, Every Time I Die, Atreyu, etc.) but after my first listen, they struck me more as Lamb Of God. "Tragedy Essential" belches forth 13 extreme tracks (with the exception of "Prelude to Blasphemy") of very off-time breakdowns with catchy rhythms and choruses. There are brutal moments, slightly less aggressive parts, and also some doom-laden melodies therein. I find this to be a very good offering from a band that hasn't been around that long. There does seem to be something missing, as much as there indeed is, like the keyboards could've been presented more frequently or there could've been a few more solos or over-the-top rhythms to back the basic power-chord ones. Other than that, Kilfast are indeed impressive and anyone into Meshuggah, Lamb of God, or death/metalcore-style bands will probably like these guys a lot!

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell