Killing Spree - Deception Betrayal Revenge (What’s My Cut Productions) - Back
Killing Spree’s “Deception Betrayal Revenge” sounds like something from the San Fran Bay Area thrash era. Their new disc is basically thrash with maybe a bit of power metal sound. At times they are comparable to SOD, Exodus, Slayer. Vocals are a similar style to Slayer and Exodus…screaming and singing at the same time. The recording is tight for the twelve songs almost 42 minutes, you can tell these guys know what they are doing. It stays pretty aggressive throughout and there is no real let-up of pace. There are decent solos and metal riffing…not the greatest, but solid. Some of the riffs will make you pump your fist. The music may sound mature but nothing really grabs and shakes you and a lot of tracks have a similar feel to each other. Many of the main riffs are quite simple, I would like to see a little more complexity. I think that could improve this some. He can do it, he demonstrates this well in the solos. They should keep this going and turn it up a couple notches!

Rating: 72