King Diamond - Tribute (Necropolis Records) - Back
King Diamond is one of metal's most recognized icons. In the past 15 years he has sold 1.5 million records through Metal Blade Records and Roadrunner Records. That will tell anyone that he has a big presence in the metal field. There have been some tribute albums to the King, but none have been as extreme as this one. Necropolis Records has put together a CD with probably the most evil presence that even the King himself would be surprised. Dark Funeral, Usurper, Exhumed, Destiny's End, and Ancient all of which have to give King Diamond credit for what they have accomplished today. All the tracks have their own special characteristics, but a few tracks stood out for me. Dark Funeral "The Trial," Usurper "Charon," Aurora "Eastmann's Cure," and Aggressor "Welcome Home" have something that made them stand out amongst the rest. Those songs are some of my favorite tracks by King and I do not know if I chose those tracks because of a self bias or whatever, but all the tracks are good. If you are a fan of either King Diamond or extreme metal, this tribute is for you. There are 11 tracks covering over 47 minutes long. Tributes are one way to glorify a person you respect, and Necropolis Records showed just how extreme a tribute can be. This shows what King Diamond has done for metal and what he will do in the future to influence bands for years to come.

Rating: 86