King’s X - Ogre Tones (InsideOut Music) - Back
Well here it is a track by track of what I thought of the new King’s X album. To date I would say that this is the best King’s X album I have ever heard, there are plenty of rockin’ tracks on here, at least three that would easily make singles & sell to a commercial audience as long as radio stations play them. “Alone” – first single from the new album. This is a great song, very catchy. The film clip is also very cool. “Stay” – I would imagine this will be the second single from the album. Another great rockin’ tune with a chorus you won’t be able to get out of your head! “Hurricane” – this is one of the slower songs on the album, great melody’s. The harmonies in this song remind me of those we have grown to love from Aerosmith. “Fly” – Great song with a very modern/blues feel to it. It is one of those songs that would always go down well in a live set. “If” – Very commercial sounding song this one. Without any doubts if the radio station played this one it wouldn’t take long to hit the top 10! With a stroke of luck it could hit the number one position. “Bebop” – I wasn’t a big fan of the intro to this one. But once it hits the 35-second mark it starts to kick in a funk rock groove which is cool if you’re into that sort of thing. Personally I like a little more rock a lot less funk. Chorus wasn’t so great either, very cheesy don’t see myself playing this track too often. “Honesty” – One of my favorites on the new album. This is the lightest track on the album. It’s always great to hear one acoustic track an album. And this track certainly didn’t disappoint. The Harmonies are fantastic. I wonder if the sound would have sounded so great with some Marshall’s behind it. I like to think it would! “Open My Eyes” – This song could have been written for an Ozzy Osbourne album. That was the first impression I got when I heard this song both vocally & musically. “Open My Eyes” sounds a lot like something I would expect from Ozzy. This is a song filled with heavy riffs. A killer track! “Freedom” – This is not one of my faves on the album. The melody sounds great but this track just doesn’t move me in ways that previous tracks have! “Get Away” - This is my fave from all the tracks on the new album. Another light track with a Beatles feel to it. Lyrically great, harmonies are fantastic. This is another prediction for single status if the stations pick it up! “Sooner Or Later” – The longest track on the album running in at seven minutes. I really loved the bass sound on this track. The guitar solo is out of this world on this track. You can close your eyes listening to this song and easily find yourself on another planet. Great to hear unfortunately I think this song could have finished sooner rather then later. Seven minutes for most songs are just too long, sorry. Maybe if we were still in the sixties & I was on acid I would appreciate this one a little more. “Mudd” - An intro that will get your feet tapping straight away, another very commercial song. Another song that I can hear the bands Beatles influence throughout & it really compliments this track. The song reminds me of The Beatles ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ in parts but sounds like pure King’s X also. This is a fantastic track with a great catchy chorus. This is a track I know I will play a lot more. “Bam” - There was nothing at all about this track that I liked. It’s got an intro I would never listen to and then goes into a guy rambling on about music & God knows what else. I lost interest in this track very quickly I’m afraid. Musically very little, the majority of the track is this guy talking. A track I will not be playing again I am sure! King’s X are one of the most underrated rock bands of our time. They have been praised by so many different artists over the years from Public Enemy to Anthrax. After twenty years in the business this album should really help the guys hit the commercial status they truly deserve. As on past albums the bands heavy Beatles influence shines through in different ways from one track to another. All though I loved the new album, there were a couple of songs I believe that could have been scrapped. I also thought the artwork for the album was quite interesting but in saying that a worthy selection to any hard rock fans collection! Michael Wagener has done a great job of producing & mixing the new album. This is one album I know I will be playing for a long time to come! King’s X – “Ogre Tones” is out now on InsideOut Music. Get it where all great rockin’ albums are sold!

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Cameron Edney