Kiss of Death - Promo 2K2 (Independent) - Back
“Promo 2K2” is Kiss of Death’s CD to get a record deal, and from what I hear from this disc, it shouldn’t take long. The band has an interesting mix of sounds working together to create a heavy thrash, death and hardcore blend. If you took a mix of bands like Sepultura, Pantera, In Flames, Shadows Fall, God Forbid and Soilwork it would be a close resemblance, but this band has a more of a unique sound, a thrashy deathcore. Their music includes heavy, melodic riffing, like the Swedish death sound, along with ferocious vocals, and some harmonies. Kiss of Death also trade-off riffs and that make their music flow. The only thing that might need a little work is balancing the levels a little better. Three tracks are on this nearly thirteen minute CD and the majority of it is good. Starting this disc off is the song that I think will grab some people’s attention like a slap to the face, “House of Pain.” It’s a great song with some kick ass riffs, and “Stronger Than Before” is a good track that helps support this promo. I can’t wait to see what Kiss of Death comes out with next.

Rating: 76